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Serviliano Garcia is an electric power distributor business in the northwest of the province of Segovia, including the localities of Cha?e, Chat?n, Fresneda of Cu?llar, Source The Elm of ?scar, Gomezserrac?n, Narros of Cu?llar, Remondo, Samboal, Villaverde of ?scar and adjacent spaces. The social headquarters and offices of attention al public are situated in Cu?llar, Segovia.
Social headquarters and offices Recepción
Our activity is overturned in offering a service of quality to our clients, evaluating in our sector by the continuity in the supply of electric power, by the quality of electric wave and by the attention al client.

Exactly by distributing energy to a rural environment, we have understood provided that we should take care the attention al client, personalizing it as natural form of action and seeking satisfaction of the people to the ones that serve. Do not doubt in being put in contact with us to clarify any doubt relating to its supply of electricity with us

Offices attention al public
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